unstable/stable: abby zbikowski

Beyond anything else I start with functionality and I let everything evolve out of that

I’m showing what bodies are capable of, from subtle to extreme ways. I’m interested in exposing how bodies can move.

 Dance doesn’t have to be this sort of thing that’s nice to look at, you can really feel it.

 It wasn’t really possible to pretend to pull- it has to be a real yank, a real full force of the body.

I make work about doing shit and letting all these other layers of possibilities emerge from that.

 It was like feeling as thinking.

Feeling as a rational thought.

It’s not even meant to be brutal.

It’s just to be like, okay, what does your body do if you get your feet ripped out from underneath you?

Unstable/Stable – Abby Zbikowski

Performed by Abby Zbikowski and Clara Martinez of Abby Z and the New Utility

Photography – Clare Gatto

Styling – Mitch McGuire

Clothing Abby and Clara’s own save shirts in 3, 8, and 10 Gogo Graham and shirts in 5 stylist’s own