the sims survey

    1. Getting to know you:

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    How and when were you introduced to the Sims?


    Who were your friends?

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    How would you describe your aesthetic during this phase?

    What drew you to the game?

    2. The Game:

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    How did you play the game?

    What career path did you typically chose?

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    Did you cheat or not cheat? If you cheated, which cheat did you use and how did you use it?

    3. The Game & You:

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    How did your relationships with the Sims affect your relationships outside of the Sims (friends, family, pets, classmates)?


    In what way did the Sims serve as an outlet for you?


    Did you ever simulate real life in the Sims?


    How did you integrate your real life into the Sims, and vice versa, how did you integrate the Sims into your real life?


    Do you have specific examples of when real life infiltrated your experience with the Sims?

    If so, how did it hinder your relationship with the game after the fact?

    4. Here & Now:

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    Did you learn any valuable lessons from the Sims?

    How do you think the Sims manifested into your current everyday life?


    In what ways do you think you would be different now if you had not played the Sims?

    If you stopped playing, why did you stop?

    Do you feel any sort of connection to others who also played the Sims?


    Would you ever consider rekindling the flame...?

    5. Share a story:

    Were there any particularly stand out Sims memories you’d be willing to share? A brutal murder? A particularly haunting glitch? An identity crisis and/or epiphany lived out through the Sims? Please share.

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    The Sims Survey by joelle ballam-schwan