premiere : Røst – rosemary loves a blackberry ft. Lölja Nordic

We are happy to present the newest music video from rosemary loves a blackberry, Røst ft. Lölja Nordic.

Diana Burkot about the video:

“In 2015 we’ve been together to Røst Air residency which is based in Norway, mostly on Røst island. It’s a tiny fishing island where you can find only one school, two shops and drive through from one side to another by bicycle in 30 minutes. The main themes of the residency are feminism, queer and eco- spheres. We spent there one month and both worked on our own projects. At the moment I just started composing an album for my project rosemary loves a blackberry. I was so impressed by the place so decided to dedicate the opening track to the island.

The track became a base for our collaboration video work with Lölja. In a house, we lived in, which was a former post office, we found a bed sheet partly covered with rust and torn with holes. We sewed two dresses out of it and shoot a lookbook with ourselves as models wearing our craft.

Lölja Nordic about the video:

“We felt very alone there, but in a good way. For both of us, it was a new experience, we never been to a place like this before. Everything at Røst felt magical and mysterious. А huge old white wooden house on the top of the rock where we spend alone the whole month. Meeting people outside was a rare thing and always very strange. It’s a special feeling seeing other people or watching a car pass by the window when most of the time you just see the empty landscapes for days. It was a mysterious and inspiring experience. I was cycling several miles every day to the different sides of the island to take pictures and film nature for my personal project, while Diana was recording her music and collected sounds in the harbour. There’s not much light on the island at night, so it was important to get home right after sunset. The weather was too wild sometimes, it could be nice and sunny and in a minute its a quite scary storm. We felt like two kids left alone in a dark fairytale place where everything looks unfamiliar and exciting. We explored this beautiful emptiness, with its buildings, nature, objects and somehow felt very safe and at home. We were walking around in these white dresses we made, integrating our bodies in these landscapes as if we were always there, as ghosts of someones who’ve been there before or who only will be after.”

rosemary loves a blackberry’s new album ❤️ is out now via Anti-Ghost Moon Ray