patricia’s revenge: the tan mom strikes back


Patricia wears turtleneck Telfar

My style is like- sexy long kinda things. What I like depends. In the summer I like crop tops. My fave is the cowboy look. Like, that white turtleneck, some little shorts, cowboy boots, Bebe sunglasses. I can pull these things off. You know.

I’m definitely not Martha Stewart!


Patricia wears vest Leaf Xia and earrings GODDESS

People wonder why I’m a little crazy. I got hurt when I was 23. I was pregnant and got cold cocked by this guy who was hitting on me. They proclaimed me dead twice- I had some problems walking and hearing afterwards, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

I’m always on the run, try to make people smile, you know. I still go on with life, you can’t just sit there.


People don’t wanna hear the truth sometimes. It’s easier to make fun of someone than to listen.


Patricia wears jacket, hat, and earrings GODDESS, necklace and top Daniela Czentochowski, and shorts DEGEN

I’ve always been really beyond outgoing, ever since I was born. I’m not saying I’m Miss America or anything, but there’s something special about me. I’ve always stood out, always, my whole life.

I just wish people were nicer to one another. None of this judgement call stuff! You are who you are! I really do wish that there was more peace on earth, that would be really great.

But that’s not gonna happen.

patricia’s revenge: the tan mom strikes back

photography logan jackson

styling mitch mcguire

fashion assistants samantha thomas and dan dalt