Oprah’s Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide

Fourteen perfect holiday gift options from @OprahHatParty

oprah's favorite things01

Miss U Hair Cinderella Fairy Godmother Wig Short Curly Blonde Anime Cosplay Wig – $26.74

It’s is so pretty and I love it!!! I think that any one person would be so beautiful in this wig. I think it would look great on anyone including you me and any relative or friend you have met in your life. The curls are so pretty, I like them and the head that is shown with it is stunning as well. I hope that you will buy one for yourself and an additional one for each of the people you know in your life who deserves to look gorgeous.

oprah's favorite things02

Baby Nail File by baby blue giraffe – $9.99

Have you ever had a baby? I have not had a baby but I do know several people who have had a baby. I find it a bad idea but the do grow fingernails so they can’t be so bad. Please don’t hurt your baby fingers with a grown person emory board and instead gently hurt their fingernails with a baby one instead. I like this one because it is made of glass which is a a pretty material, and the blue gradient makes it also look good when you loko at it.

oprah's favorite things03

Victorian Lace Insert High Wedding Boots Lace Goth Granny Boots 115 – $42.88


This is cute boot, I love the pointy tongue at the top. The lace is a sexy detail and this is a really versatile fashion piece. I think you should buy one for any person with legs, even though there is only one shown in the pic there probably come two in a box. I would recommend reading user reviews before purchasing this because I am only one person but it is prurient to weigh the opinions of millions before making a decision.

oprah's favorite things04

Suede Belt by Balmain – $2,325.00

This is extremely pretty. I love the hearts and gorgeous color of suede that was chosen by Olivier Rousteing. If your waist is too big you can wear this as a necklace bracelet thigh garter belt or perhaps just put it in your room and when people are RUDE to you you can take some solace in the fact that you have something this pretty that exists in your life and nothing can stop u. U can also give this as a gift to some person who deserves it.


oprah's favorite things05

Pair of Large “Faunes” Door Handles in Clear Crystal by Marc Lalique – $20,000.00


This is is a good and gorgeous doorknob option for opening and closing doors. Though you will still need to have an additional lock perhaps a piece of wood with padlocks on either end to keep any intruder from entering. It would look good if you are the Beast in the fairy tale Beauty in the Beast and wanted your palace to be Lalique themed which I would strongly advise in the favor of.

oprah's favorite things06

WWE WWE Boy’s Bath Towel & Washcloth from KMart – $12.99

This is so hot sexy cool and fun. I love the guys that are half naked on the big towel and the guys that are also fully dressed on the towel. I love the chain link fence which adds kind of like a delicate touch to a tough sexy image. I think any person who loves wrestle would love something like this. I know I do and its is one of my favorite things. Please buy one for me you your pet and your niece and nephew.

oprah's favorite things07

Iconic S/S 1990 Thierry Mugler Rainbow Wool Skirt Suit – $6,490.46

This would look so good on you, or any person. Thierry Mugler was once a great star of the fashion world and his beautiful designs are still enjoyed by millions. I think this is one of his greatest pieces and it would look so good during various activiites including, watching tv, gardening, or watching tv about gardening or watching lord of the rings. Also the color is so pretty and happens to appear like a rainbow which is something the world needs more of rainbows.


oprah's favorite things08

Miss Fame Lovaball in 14k plated gold from Shapeways – $85.00


Miss fame is you, I love this ball that is plated in literal gold. I think this would be good as a tree ornament or hanging from a necklace or optionally as one bauble in your Marie Antoinette collection of things to keep in your wig. Along with a variety of other things you could keep in there like a Shapeways pirate ship, sprigs of cinnamon and a leek. Maybe two leeks but at most three leeks, additionally please put the leeks inside the miss fame Lovaball that you may have purchased for yourself me or a friend

oprah's favorite things09

Multicolor Rainbow Sapphire Double Row Invisible Set Tennis Bracelet 14K White Gold (25ct tw) SKU: 1567-14K-Wg – $5,975.00

I love this vers piece of jewels. It has a rainbow of diamonds. A list of people who would look good in this is me you everyone you have every met Mariah Carey Fergie Fergalicious Anderson and Pit Bull. It is one of the favorite things and I love the beautiful color of the peridot diamonds as well as fuchsia.

oprah's favorite things10

“Our Friendship Is Fabulous” Figurine by Precious Moments – $55.99

I love the ladies in this pic, the boas are aso cute and I like that it gives them like a sassy look. The name of this artwork is called Our Freindship is Fab and I think that this would be so cute to give to a GF that you play dress up with or that you cuddle with sometimes. I really like the idea of having this and giving it as a gift. It is one of my favorite things that I found.


oprah's favorite things11

PITBULL STYLE Drawstring Bag from Redbubble – $30.00


This is is a bag that has a pic of the hot and sexy star Pit Bull. I think he is so hot and I want to marry him like so bad. I put this on my list so that you can promote him within your own circle group of friends who need to know about cool and hot guys . It’s important to me to let people know about Pitbull on a bag so they can know what kind of man I am looking to marry: a hot man named after dog in a nice and beautiful suit that looks big.

oprah's favorite things12

SPEEDY SLAP BRACELET by Louis Vuitton – $220.00

This is the nice bracelet I like. It has a year on it that none of us were alive during. You can also probably use this to tie up certain things like a bag of chips that needs something to help it stay together in the pantry. My favorite part is the gradients which give it a very cool nascar vibe that makes me so happy to look at it. You can probably not buy this at your local Louis Vuitton store because Nicolas Ghesquiere keeps his good things on the internet and in the fashion shows only. If you would like to look like me you should buy this.

oprah's favorite things13

French Art-Nouveau Carved Wood Planter, Former Property of Oprah Winfrey – $6,500.00

Many things on my list are precious but few are also valuable due to things that are not intrinsic to itself. For example this carved wooden planter once belonged to Oprah Winfrey herself who is cool and beautiful, like the planter. I can only recommend that you seek out the previous owners of various items that you have in the past purchased or will be purchasing in the future not only for Holiday gifts but also things that exist for other reasons because sometimes when a person of note value and worth has owned the object that can actually give more value and preciousness to the item that it wouldn’t have otherwise had. Please buy things celebrities owned and give them to me or a friend.


oprah's favorite things14

Art Masters Classic Winged Skull 14K Red Gold 1.0 Ct Rubies Solitaire

Engagement Ring R613-14KRGR by ARTMASTERS on etsy – $2499.00

I like the jewelry that has the wings on it with the red gold. Red gold is gold with a red color. The stone too is red as well as the skull which is cool and good for anyone who might be steampunk or just dying. Additonaly I would recommend this ring to any person because it is drop dead gorgeous. Regardless this was my list and I hope you enjoyed the special treasures I found for you all.