one is too few: emma levesque schaefer

b Soft sounds, monotone sounds, Whispers work well too2:16

b if it weren’t, we would constantly be stimulated by touch 2:17

b It’s like how the body is used to clothing 2:17


b It’s a colder place now, as far as I’m concerned1:57

Besides, the earliest form appears to be livendula ; if this could be connected with Latin līvēre to be livid or bluish, the sense would be appropriate, but the formation is obscure;


what do you think has changed, or caused it to feel colder? 1:58

b There was a much greater connection and collaborative effort and accessibility back then 1:58

b And it’s the fault of the viewers, I think, that that has since changed 1:58

b It’s not as kind or as safe now. 2:01

But the doughnut clutch is a popular sound on my channel 1:49

It’s got sticky sounds and tapping sounds 1:50