new york fashion week ss16


Greg Lauren

We speak a lot about the militarization of the feminine but what would that look like in practice? Military aesthetics you know are always just so much nonsense with the buckles and boot laces when really what people want is the opportunity to look businesslike and violent. I appreciate lines like this and the good work of beautifying death but come on, these hats? What is this, the Big Trail starring Mr. John Wayne who by the way is such a looker in his early years, now did you know that? Such a little twink.

Anyway. Denim top hats and pinstripes are very Donna Does Fetlife not to mention these lovely off the shoulder mesh numbers, like your mom just let you out at night, this whole thing yeah is like Hot Topic in Dubai, ok, I can get behind this, Eat Pray Panic (At the Disco).


Christian Siriano

My only pair of really comfortable pumps was Christian Siriano for Payless, so I can’t be too mad at this Orientalist fuckfest or his forgettable hairdo.


Ralph Lauren

You know I almost just clicked away from this one too but like, hold up, leather on leather pantsuits in that offensive tan and federal blue? Ok, Ms. Lauren, I’m up and I’m listening. You kinky thing. I like this. I like you, you little rebel. You nasty little thing. Ralph, please, not in front of the crowd! Oh, Ralph, I whisper into your rude little ear. You rusted old faucet. You wild little pantheon. I like you, little rebel. I think what you do is just great. So wild, you little leather barrette. Give me a little kiss right here on my sunshine spot. You fool. Ok, we’re done now. Love the hair.


Rachel Zoe

Get real.

Rachel Zoe designing clothes is like Eve Sedgwick making art: a well-informed but ultimately limp effort.


Monique Lhullier

I take these florals as a personal attack and will respond in kind.

reviews by mehron abdollmohammadi

illustrations by will rigby and charlie visconage