new perfume: dadpranks

“Dystopia, aggressive femininity, and any kind of disruption to mundane domesticity are all fodder for these post-adolescent/pre-adult artists. The sexy discomfort of their work results from the intersection of popular internet aesthetics + intuitive, real-life, human-to-human processes, and is amplified by the familiar dance of getting online, offline, and back on again.” – Christina Vassallo, A Crowd-sourced Essay on the Nature of dadpranks

dadpranks is a six-person, all-female collective producing images, video, text, and web-based media. The group makes use of evolving retail aesthetics in conjunction with mass produced objects to explore the relationship between consumer and technology, both on and offline. The members of dadpranks are Lauren Goshinski (Pittsburgh, PA), Isla Hansen (NYC), Kate Hansen (Pittsburgh, PA), Elina Malkin (Pittsburgh, PA), Laura Warman (Amherst, MA), and Nina Sarnelle (Los Angeles, CA).