Instant Empathy

I had a nightmare that I was pregnant. I remember a very vivid birthing scene. I don’t remember all the details anymore but I remember feeling a great loss after the baby was out. To make it worse I’d given birth to a very bratty three year old that screamed at me. She told me she hated me and kept running away so I couldn’t care for her. She ran away into the air vents and got third degree burns and died and everyone told me it was my fault. The same thing happened to my pet hamster as a child. I believe this stems from anxiety and latent guilt.

I dreamed I was pregnant and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep the baby so I went to the doctor. The doctor told me I was a man and I realized I was one in the dream (I am not) but I was also still pregnant. The doctor wouldn’t help me and I went through a series of events trying to figure out what was happened to my body until I woke up.

I accidentally delivered the baby as I was pooping and flushed it down the toilet.

I was with this other woman and she was very obviously pregnant. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had dark skin that was glowing and her belly was fully exposed. In the dream she made me realize somehow that I was pregnant also. I wasn’t showing like she was, I think I had just conceived. We jumped up and soared into the clouds. I felt weightless and euphoric. That feeling was the most amazing I’ve ever felt dreaming or awake.

Pregnant with beagle puppies but when they came out they were all yellow and my dad was watching me give birth to them in the barn and was killing them after they came out cause he didn’t want anyone to know I had puppies

I fell off a tall building and my first thought was “oh no! My baby!” As I instinctively cradled my tummy. I hope the baby lived!

The baby was born too early so was soft and malleable like clay and had no face. So I tried to reform the baby by hand but I kind of forgot what babies are supposed to look like. Gradually I saw more and more other children and realised that I completely missed the mark on my baby moulding.

I’ve had plenty of pregnancy dreams, tho I can’t  remember one. However, I do recall that they always sync up with the cliche of Freudian meanings:- ruminating ideas in the making, mom and dad stuff, futures based on pasts incubating in my body. And, I remember the lingering anxiety upon waking up and wondering what this symbology says about how I’m not living up to my potential or what freaky creation is inside me that I’m not letting out, or the gentler version- has yet to manifest.  I’ve never had a dream I was giving birth I know that for sure. I also know that in waking life it’s been a habit of mine to dress up like a pregnant lady during dress-up and especially in photos, it’s always felt natural. Which was why, last year, when three people in one week asked me if I was pregnant, I was intrigued instead of offended. Two times I was in tight jeans with no baby bump, the third one I was on the dance floor in a mumu. A woman I know came up to me and asked how far along I was. I told her I wasn’t pregnant and she asked me, “are you sure?” I’m was positive. Apparently she had diagnosed several people’s pregnancies before they even knew or had any idea! Even through the embarrassment, I think some part of her still thought I was pregnant, she’s that good. Pregnant people look happy and beamy and lush and full of blood and life and so I take it as a compliment and then maybe more metaphorically, it’s an opportunity to think about what’s brewing again inside my body. But even with the hindsight, there’s no answers.

I had a dream I was pregnant and I went to the doctor and the doctor kept telling me I was too depressed to have a baby.

My two roommates and I were all pregnant at the same time (in a pregnancy pact sort of way). When my one roommate started going into labor, my other roommate and I who were only 7 months along started going into premature labor at the same time. The three of us were taken to the hospital together and were all separated into separate birthing suites. I was all alone and wished we could have been together. None of my friends or family ending up coming to see me and just as I thought no one was going to come my boss walked in.

I had a dream a while ago that I had a baby in my parents house in my old room. In the dream I had a French bulldog that I used for instagram pictures but kept it in the attic until I needed it. in the dream everyone was telling me I’d be a horrible mum because I was so mean to the French bulldog. Then I had the baby and when he came out he was an old man, and he winked at me.

Photography Fujio Emura

Styling and Creative Direction Ashley Munns

Beauty Elizabeth Fox

Models Janita, Allison, Erinee at Scout Agency, Brenton, Heather, and Sarah

All uncredited clothing courtesy American Conservatory Theater

All text anonymously sourced by refigural