Heather Chadwell Remax Connection


Heather wears coat 69, dress Phlemuns, turtleneck her own.


Heather wears jeans Phlemuns, shoes her own.

“To be a successful realtor you have to be willing to sacrifice. You have to be flexible & available all hours, even if that means waking up at 4:30 am to get back with an inquiry that just came in. You have to be willing to be inconvenienced constantly and embrace the realtor lifestyle.”


Heather wears coat Vejas, dress and boots her own.


Heather wears caftan Gypsy Sport, belt her own.


Heather wears shirt Christian Dior and skirt Richards NYC on the Heather Flip-Flops

“Ambition means you have to be hungry and motivated and willing to not quit even when times are tough. You have to want the very best and to succeed at all costs even if that means sacrificing certain things in life.”


Heather wears cape Lactic Incorporated and sweatsuit Juicy Couture


Heather wears jacket Richards NYC and top her own

“It’s like Reality TV-it’s not for everyone nor is it easy.”


“I think too many realtors focus on the money and get consumed with greed. I don’t ever want to be about the kill or making the most money.”


“I think it’s important to build relationships with people and really care about their wants. I think the best realtor is one who maintains their integrity while in the business.”


“People believe everything they see on T.V.
but that’s okay as long as they are entertained.
I know what really happened!”



“I like a very modern and sleek look!
Neutral colors, not a lot of clutter or knick knacks,
and vaulted ceilings!”


“I have a thing for spiral staircases, unique bath tubs, and water features/pools!”


“I am so business driven and focused on my career and expanding my business I only let loose maybe a few times a month. I am all about using my time wisely and being a successful business woman the rest of my life!”


Heather wears jeans Phlemuns, jacket her own.

Heather Chadwell for Heather Chadwell ReMax Connection

Photography Clare Gatto

Styling Mitch McGuire

Makeup Yodit Tecle for Almaz Faces

Hair Casey Wood for Phia Salon