228 pages of delicious new print issue for you to devour, featuring recipes and memories from our friends and family. You’ll find delicious word salads and fashion, simmered in sauce. Which came first? The chicken, or the deviled egg?

This marks the beginning of our annual print format, Refigural Book. Each year, we’ll explore a new topic. To start, we’re excited to share with you our Community Cookbook. With photography, illustrations, interviews, and appetizers from the Refigural team, including a tablespoon of Ashley Munns with Damien Maloney, an urgent product recall with Chris Maggio, a delicious five-course dinner with Joe van O and Daryl Oh, a visit to Crescent Dragonwagon with Logan Jackson, comics from Aaron Miller, all of our very favorite foods and more.

Buy 2+ copies and receive a free community cookbook from our collection while supplies last. Enjoy complimentary domestic shipping. You have to eat three more bites of veggies before you can have dessert.