Department Store: Refigural Book Issue 2

136 pages in brilliant full color and a charming pocket size. For fit, comfort, and the look you want, why settle for anything less?

Refigural is the name you’ve come to know and trust, and Refigural Book is where you’ll find great low prices. Check out the savings and stock up now! Something fresh, something new, something cute, something you! 

Join us Saturday, November 16th at SSHH NYC from 6-8 PM to celebrate the release of our new issue.

Attention Refigural shoppers: discover our incredible new assortment of styles from Chris Maggio, Logan Jackson, Cole Chickering, M. Elizabeth Scott, Juan Alvear, Damien Maloney, Andrea Smith, Michaela Bosch, Maggie Mondanile, Jesse James Johnson, Alex Lee, David Siferd, Aaron Miller, Sharifa Morris, Laura Payne, Kyonori Sudo, Leela Singh, George Liu, and so many more all at terrific bargain prices.

All of these incredible deals are waiting for you today in our Department Store. An easy one-time payment of $19.99 is all it takes, and we’ll even include shipping and handling at absolutely no cost to you. Happy shopping! Let us know if we can start you a fitting room.